Good time to buy housing in Tenerife


Good time to buy housing in Tenerife


There are privileged places that excite the imagination of those who do not have the possibility to enjoy them every day. They are a constant invitation, almost a provocation that speaks of light, sea and quality of life. Without a doubt, Tenerife has that effect. But the island is not a distant dream, if you thinking about live in the paradise, is worth to check the great properties in Tenerife for sale, you can start by contact a company specialized in the area. , is one of these companies that provide a large range of options around the Island . The reality of the local real estate market shows that it has become much more accessible to the visitor and that is full of great property in Tenerife for sale.


177988(32)The price adjustment in the housing sector has been considerable changed along the years, in terms of cost x benefited.  There are great opportunities, for new investors or for the current residents. According to the latest data published in the magazines in this area, housing in Tenerife reached an average price of 1,752 euros / m2 in 2007, however, it has been reduced to 1,192 euros / m2, and also increased in quality and style.

In 2014 there was some stabilization, which coincided with a clear improvement in the economic outlook and greater access to credit. It seemed clear that, sooner or later, that combination was going to boost sales of properties in Tenerife. And it has been sooner than previously thought: the purchases registered in 2012 and 2013 showed a very similar picture that could be described as a certain expectation.
All these are key elements to take into account by all those citizens who are considering buying a house on the island, either to improve the current or as a second residence. The range of properties in Tenerife for sale, attends even the most demanding costumers.




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